Human being is a bio machine,
only without the technical manual

Your Personality Map  |  Tiny book about you and only you


Personality Traits

Bio passport reflects your personality features


Minutes for yourself

Read the Bio passport and spend some time with yourself


Bio Passports issued

Change can only make you happier

So, this is how I look like!

There are no identical people and there are no two identical Bio passports

Iekšējās lapas | Inner pages
Design cover for her and him
Keaykolour Recycled paper
Screen printing | Hot printing | Golden foil

The shell of the Bio passport printed in the friendliest color on the
Kaskad paper
9 tones | Hand Created
Vāciņi, apvalciņš
Content inside – 100% unique story
Munken Design paper
Laser print | 32 pages

Pocket size (216 x 148 mm)

Order for yourself or as a gift

 The contents of every single Bio passport that is issued are calculated independently, based on the particular person’s unique data. Those are: the supposedly random numbers of the time of birth, the sound of the most frequently used name or nickname, as well as the values of the name and surname. To make the Bio passport, decimal numbers, Pythagorean arithmetic, the science of letters, symbols, shapes, vibration positions and their meanings are used.  

Valters Šverns, The Inventor of Bio passport


Out of the individual Bio codes, the overall – Magnificent Bio Code is created

The Perfect Gift

• A great surprise on birthdays and names’ days
• Give a gift to yourself or someone else
• There are no restrictions – all genders and all ages can have their Bio passports
• The cover and the shell is adapted specifically for the profile of the Bio passport owner
• A meaningful gift on weddings, baptisms and other celebrations

What is Bio passport for?

• Helps in understanding causes of actions
• Provides with constructive knowledge about you and only you
• Calms you down
• Gives answers and encourages to ask questions
• Broadens your perspective
• Symbolizes clarity and simplicity
• Helps to find the inner strength

How is Bio passport built?

• It is all based on an innovative data processing system created by the team
• Understandable and precise presentation of data
• Smooth and clear wording
• Practical recommendations
• Without critique, comparisons and intermediaries


What is Bio passport going to reveal to me?

Behind the neat cover of Bio passport, there is an extensive 100% unique story. Your story.

Find out what your name, surname and nickname tells you about yourself. Get to know what are your main success factors and obstacles in aspects such as money, propensities or character. Reveal your true REASON of BIRTH and MAIN TASKS. Travel in time and take a glance at what you are best at until you have reached 35 and after.

Your story will also highlight your OPPORTUNITIES, STRENGTHS, TALENTS and principles of life. There will be moments when you will need to dig deeper than usual – to find out the essence of ordinary problems and even the most secretive of deeds that you want to pursue.

But what is a story without a vibration of romance in it? Bio passport contains information about expressions of love and inner self as well as what your own requirements for happiness are.

 There are no good or bad numbers. There is only a subjective evaluation.  

Valters Šverns

Our Wonderful Story Behind

To jump higher than ground, to mess up your hair and to indulge in the world – that is the story about us, the creators of Bio passport. The main purpose of the Bio passport team is the search of causes by getting rid of the dust accumulated through the passage of life.

Long ago our ancestors were looking for answers in the stars even though they were frightening and misleading. Bio passport is the love-story of two of the mighty powers of this century – science and nature. The content charged with accuracy and sensitivity takes you on an intimate and magical journey.

When turning the Bio passport pages one by one you will get to know, calculate, have doubts, examine and think to yourself: “Oh, that for sure is not about me..”, but even more frequently you will say out loud: “Yes, that’s so me!” The thoughts will evolve, you will try to figure out, you will giggle, might even be that you will be touched by the honesty from which you have been hiding in such a refined way, but you will understand the most beautiful and real of all worlds – your world.

Bio passport serves as the map of your world. It identifies your obstacles with all the ups and downs as well as mentally brings you to horizons scenting like paradise and your most secretive of desires. There you will be able to gain strength and inspiration for a fresh and awakened start.

Our Dream team

We have met in the right place and the right time. We dream with open eyes and trust each other with them closed.
Bio passport is the reflection of our team’s power and talents.

Izgudrotājs un idejas autors Valters Šverns

Valters Šverns

The inventor, author of the Bio passport idea and the IT system

Modeler of socio-technical systems and programming engineer with more than 10-year experience in international companies. The idea of the Bio passport came to him during a walk. Sleeps well and dreams about exciting worlds where power and repressive systems do not exist. In 2014, created and presented to the world a product - spice capsules Kapsulings, now the young inventor brings joy to the existing and potential fans with Bio passport. The idea of the Bio passport is based on the desire to steer the life on planet Earth in a more healthy and jovial course. “Life is like a game”, says Valters.

Rakstniece Ance Šverna

Ance Šverna

Inventor's assistant

Soul of the Bio passport team. Experienced in education, directing of short films and journalism. In order to reveal stories unseen for the eye until now, Ance looks at ordinary events from unusual viewpoints. Launched to the world the story of her husband’s Valters Šverns invented Kapsulings now is adding the extraordinary sense to the textual sketches of Bio passport. During her spare time, she writes her dreams down in the form of short stories and enjoys wanderings in the nature. Special characteristics: Converse sneakers and astonishment in her eyes.

Grafiskā dizainere Līna Sproģe

Līna Sproģe

Graphic designer

The author of the Bio passport’s graphic identity, first of all, is the person who favors walking and dares to get outside of the comfort zone. Following the dream, Latvian Līna has moved away from the home country to live in the south of Spain. Even though within her professional persona the Bio passport designer most frequently works in the field of graphic design and printing, she also reveals talents in restoring antique furniture and mixing delicious cocktails. Joy of life and freedom are the values that Līna portrays and that are also coded into the graphic message of the Bio passport.

Tirgvedības stratēģe Liene Mihaļova

Liene Mihaļova

Strategic marketing advisor

Proven herself as an international marketing professional in corporate environments in Latvia, the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland, now Liene is providing original solutions for the Bio passport’s international marketing strategy. Liene has been gifted with a talent – her wishes come true in around 90% of the cases. Because the dreams of this young lady are often related to the inspirational power of nature, she can often be seen running around lakes in Switzerland and writing down her impressions under photos taken up in the mountains. Challenges are close to her spirit, one of them – the 800km long Camino de Santiago in Spain.


individual approach

The calculations are based on the following three: the birth date and time of the Bio passport’s owner, surname, name and/or nickname


hand work

Somewhere in-between the design work and covers, there are computers, print equipment and paper factories



There is almost no waste involved in the creation of the Bio passport


completed the
Camino de Santiago del Norte

Part of our team has experienced the freedom of the Spain’s sacred way. This is a way over mountains, over cities. A way to yourself

Off-site Bio passport

Bio passport is able to travel. We provide the Bio passport services during all kinds of events.
In order to get to know the Bio passport off-site offer, please get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is the Bio passport?
It’s one of the most beautiful and practical tools in getting to know yourself. The final Bio passport looks like a modern pocket size book that is pleasant to hold in your hands.

2. What can the Bio passport bring to me?
The Bio passport accelerates the self-discovery processes and changes happen in your consciousness as you start paying attention. What does it mean in practical terms? In order to analyse the content of the Bio passport, you need to compare yourself as you see daily with yourself that is written about in the Bio passport.

3. What is the expiration date of the Bio passport?
It never expires.

4. How old do I have to be in order to order my own Bio passport?
The content of the Bio passport does not have any age restrictions. Bio passport can be ordered to someone who has just been born as well as to a grandma. The only thing to be noted is the fact that in Bio passport there is information that indicates what suits you best until the age of 35 and what fits you best after the age of 35.

5. What happens if my nickname, name or surname changes?
Then let us know, get in touch with us and we will let you know about the changes. It takes around a year for the new name or nickname to apply it’s power.

6. Why is it so that in my Bio passport my birth date is from the day before but for others, they have their ‘official’ birth date?
During the time of your birth, the sun had not ‘warmed up’ the day yet. New day only begins an hour before the sunrise. Before creating the Bio passport, we get in touch with the person who made the order and explain the situation and offer to get familiar with those aspects that are typical for both of the days. The final decision whether or not you will get the official birth date or the one from the day before, is made by the person ordering the Bio passport.

7. Why is it so that there are a few contradictions in my Bio passport?
The Bio passport consists of several sections, each of the sections has a different source (nickname, date of birth, name, surname). Those sources of information are not connected to each other. The contradictions (if any) imply on your multifaceted personality. So we recommend on paying extra attention on each of the aspects, who knows, you might reveal something surprising!

Questions? They are meant
to be answered!

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